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Our solutions for General Contractors

Ensure accountability, streamline collaboration & coordination, eliminate disagreements, and decrease travel – all while delivering on time and budget.

Quicker coordination & higher accountability. Virtually.

Make your weekly subcontractor meetings more effective by having easy access to up-to-date field intelligence data. Because you can tour the jobsite remotely, you can instantly view the week’s progress, identify minor issues before they become major, and deploy resources only when the previous task is completed. No more wasted days.

Effective Progress Tracking and Resolution

Our captured field intelligence data allows for more effective decision-making. Resolve change orders, progress disagreements, and RFIs before they impact the schedule and expenses.
  • Respond to each RFI as soon as possible, utilizing captured photos collected in the field.
  • Verify job progress virtually and execute change orders in a matter of minutes.
  • Verify claims and quickly settle disputes.
  • Documented Quality Control

    Our captured data of in-progress and as-build construction enables effective quality control (QC) and building certification. You can present the evidence of all QC items that have been covered up – structural reinforcements, in-wall and above-ceiling MEP, in-wall insulation, above ceiling MEP, and exterior waterproofing – and get your building certified with flying colors! Avoid paying thousands of dollars trying to research and cut open walls.

    Who uses Ironview 360?

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    See how Ironview 360 can potentially save you $$ in litigation costs, hundreds of hours in wasted communication & travel time, and eliminate the risk of slipping project deadlines which could result in millions of dollars.